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Professional Affiliates

Professional Affiliates



ABOUT THE BRAND is a new Hair Care Shop, E-Retailer and Subscription club for women and men who love to show love to their hair. We stock more than 1,000 favorite hair care products, styling tools, human and synthetic hair extensions, accessories and hair supplies from well-known and well-loved brands and deliver them right to your door. is partnering with hair, beauty and style industry professionals who recommend and use the products and brands we sell.

TressClub Professional Affiliate Program

As a TressClub Affiliate, Professionals who recommend to customers, community, clients, friends and family receive a 15% commission on all of the products they buy at the shop when shoppers use their affiliate code or affiliate link. Affiliates receive a custom affiliate link for digital sharing and a custom Affiliate code to be used at checkout. Affiliates also receive 10% off their own product purchases.

Mini Shop

Hair and Beauty Professionals who are Affiliates who recommend a suite or collection of products sold at can request an “Mini Shop” that features up to 10 of your most recommended products for your clients. Mini Shop sales will be credited to your affiliate account, and you’ll receive a 15% commission on all sales from your collection web page.




Become a Pickup location, and your existing customers, and potential customers nearby can choose to pickup their boxed, pre-packaged TressClub order at your salon or barber shop for a reduced shipping fee. It’s an added convenience for customers who frequent your shop, and has the potential to drive additional foot traffic to your location. Pickup Location merchants are required to confirm customer id at time of pickup, and TressClub Pickup Locations receive a $1 incentive per order pickup.


Average box size:
10 in x 4 in x 4 in



Affiliate FAQ's

How the process works:



Reach out to friends, family, community, clients, followers or strangers and tell them about You can connect and share in person, via customized email, with a handout card, or on social media.



Share your unique affiliate code, or, share your affiliate link and ask them to input it at checkout to receive a “free gift with purchase” on each order.



Once the purchase is complete, you’ll receive a notification from that one of your connections made a purchase, and this customer will be logged to your affiliate account. Within a couple of weeks, you should receive an automatic commission payment via paypal.



How do I become an affiliate?

Apply online. You should receive confirmation of your approval within 4 business days.

Are there eligibility requirements to become a TressClub affiliate?

We are looking for the following criteria for our affiliate partners:

a. Comfortable selling and demonstrating products to friends, family, community and strangers.

b. Be 18 or older to sell to adults. Teens can apply to be affiliates with parental permission if they are 15+ and should sell exclusively to their immediate family and others in their peer/age group.

c. Be interested in topics related to hair, beauty.

d. Be an upstanding, law abiding citizens with no history of violent or sexual crimes.

e. Ongoing criteria: Within 6 months of application approval, affiliates must book a minimum of 5 customers to remain active.

How do you track sales?

Sales are tracked automatically, and are logged to your affiliate account in 1 of 2 ways:

a. Your contact inputs your affiliate code at Checkout

b. Your contact visits by following your affiliate link.

How and when do I get paid?

 a. Affiliates are paid monthly, on the anniversary of your application approval OR on the anniversary of your first sale.

How is a new customer determined?

a. New customers are determined by email address and the input of your affiliate code at checkout.  

Do affiliates get commissions on repeat orders? Or subscription orders?

Yes, Affiliates get commissions on repeat and subscription orders for customers they “claim”. A claim occurs either through input of your affiliate code at checkout or by claiming a contact via the Affiliate website interface. Your claim lasts for 6 months. After 6 months, to re-claim a customer, you must reach out via email, offer, in-person meeting or product demo, and your claim will hold for another 6 months. Customer “claims” must be renewed every 6 months.  

Will I need to deliver the products that my contacts order?

No, Affiliates are not required to deliver products. Customers can have products shipped directly to them, or, can collect their order at a pickup location. If you manage a building or community, or, your customers congregate at a facility like a Salon, Barber Shop, school, church, community center or club, pre-packaged orders can be shipped directly to your location for distribution and pickup, and affiliates will receive a delivery bonus for these “ship to pickup” orders.

Will I need to purchase products to get started as an affiliate like Multi-level marketing programs?

 No, there is no up-front purchase requirements for We encourage affiliates to purchase their own products at, and all affiliates receive a 10% discount for their own personal purchases. You may also choose to order a set of Handout cards to make it easier for your contacts to remember your code, and there is a $25 fee for printing and shipping of your cards. But, there are no other costs to be a TressClub Affiliate.